3 Must Haves!

Been recently crushing over three new favorites you need to check out because they will simply make your winter feel a little bit more worth it. Three items that are fun and give you warmth wrapped with joy and should be already hanging in your closet or piled under the bed,  in other words: we shall call them timeless, anyways here we go!

  1. Wool-blended coat from Proenza Schoulder:

This breathtaking double lapel coat, in a beautiful coral color, is a must have this winter
and practically every rainy/cold/freezing/chilly/frosty/icy day (I KNOW RIGHT?!). Even with nothing but a strapless shirt under the coat, you’ll still feel the warmth and the chic you’re spreading in the air. With two buttons closing it from the front, ‘modernity’ is written all over it.






2. Cozy purses by Marc Jacobs:

One of my favorite designers of all time is actually Marc J, he never disappoint his fashionistas and I don’t know how he does it… Marc Jacobs seems to always take the definition of fashion to the next level, bringing more and more at every show.

These fun bags are so keen on the eye that will sell big in my opinion for next fall, you can feel warm just by hugging this little piece of heaven!! God bless MJ! (both of them :))


3. The knee boots by Miu Miu:

  I found these gorgeous babies a while ago on net-a-porter but couldn’t get them out of my
head because of the beauty they bring to one’s sight!

A finely detailed leather knee boots will keep the blood pumping in your little toes, and that’s a guarantee! x


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