RCL Fall 2012

I’m gladly presenting the Richard Chai Love collection live as it’s happening, the show started at 11:45 AM (NY time) which means 6:45 PM (Beirut time), it only lasted for 13 minutes and I recorded it on my phone so I can steal some picture and show them to you guys, nobody has started blogging about the collection, yes it’s that new! 🙂

The Richard Chai Love collection for Fall 2012 introduced with a dark look, a white shirt with a long striped (black, dark grey and light grey) blazer. 

Colors like black, white, green ,brown and dark red have taken over and striped patterns mostly. I honestly liked the menswear more than the women’s because it was more simple and a little bit more edgier. Some models worn wool socks under their dark heels.

Wool and leather were pretty much the most used fabrics, the womenswear varied from feminine looks such as skirts and heels, to more macho looks with wide pants, white shirts and plus-sized blazers!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS: Excuse my shitty photos but they were taken from my computer via my phone, so yeah.. Good things take time! (and by good I mean the better quality photos). x


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