Pre-Fall’s Just In

Because designers want to fill the 6-months gap between Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter fashion shows, they launch Pre-Fall and Resort (or Cruise) collections which cost them less because they’re on shown on display and not runways, plus they have a more commercial aspect to profit.

Some designers have already launched their Pre-Fall shows by now and to keep my dearest readers updated right from their laptops, blackberries, iPhones… I’ve checked the pre-fall collections for 2012 and narrowed my new obsessions. Check these three favorite collections by Giorgio Armani, Diane Von Furtenberg and Erdem!

PS, because I failed at making separate image galleries, all the photos are put as one, but DVF (first 8 rows and a half), Erdem (from 8th row til half of 12th row) and Giorgio Armani is left till the end, but i guess you can differentiate by  background of the footage


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