Advice for 2012 Sales

It is this time of the year, when 99% of shops and boutiques in the Souks, Kaslik, ABC, and other malls capture your eyesight with clothing sales campaigns. Everybody waits for this season whatever their financial status is. Who wouldn’t like to buy the same item they saw a month ago but with 50% discount?! We love sales seasons and that’s pretty much it. And it is the duty of ChicBayrut to review with you, dear reader, the hots and the nots for the next season. 

European, American and Asian fashion shows all around the world mentored us on what to wear this spring, so, shall we?

What was really considered as a strike on 2012 runways are mostly:

  • Lace embroidery: whether on a dress, the jacket or shirt, everybody loves a good lacy piece of art.
  • Maxi skirts: this ‘considered hippy’ look made it’s way back for Spring 2012.
  • Floral prints and patterns: Seen in many collections in Fashion Weeks, detailed or very large printed pattern this will guarantee the femininity in the appearance.
  • Collars: some people hate the feeling of a collar on their necks, but you can never find anything keener for the eye, they give the sophisticated and simple classy look.
  • Color pallet:
  1. Yellow: yes, yellow is the new black.
  2. Orange: and so is orange my dear.
  3. Pastel colors: lavender, baby blue, lilac and cream.

What made its way out of this season’s runways:

  • Denim: a personal shocker; we’re used to seeing denim fabric present in every season whether it’s winter or spring, but no denim for Spring 2012, not even jeans!
  • Polka dots: introduced last winter by Marc Jacobs, drop your polka dots clothes for something simpler and bolder.
  • Plus size shirts: this summer trend means no more big sized upper clothing items, only fit clothes to show off the curves.

Remember to shop wisely, save your money, oh and stay in style for next spring 2012!


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