5 Reasons to Wear This!

Collar dresses are unfashionable, retro and  really boring.

Most of these clothing items are made with velvet, silk or plain cotton.

Well, you’re wrong.

These mini-dresses, semi-showing should really get the spotlight this winter, here are 5 answers to your why’s:

1- We know most of this generation’s girls are bold enough to show what their mamas gave them but collar dresses are really good keeping you in good health, especially during winter,  as they do not expose your neck or chest to cold weather.


2- The thing about a woman is her body, a perfectly drawn silhouette, she wants to show  how thin and fit she looks, well if that’s your aim know that collar dresses are all fit and will show your curves as some present belts and others are just tight around the waist.


3- ‘Less means more’, simple patterned collar dresses show elegance and comfort. Feel good and stable while showing your legs off !


4- Easily wearable; get your dress out, put it , collar up and you’re ready today!


5- Whether it’s leggings’ boots, heels, clutches, jackets, or nothing, this item goes with everything you can think of! What more do you need !


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